Santa Monica, CA
This masonry building in Santa Monica was built as offices for a music company.  The interior design elements included exposed framing and mechanical systems and polished concrete floors.  The architect was Boto Design of Santa Monica.
Santa Monica, CA
We were the General Contractor for the construction of this three story medical offices and out-patient surgery center that includes three levels of subterranean parking.  This Type 1 structural steel and composite metal deck framed structure has a glass and acrylic insulation system exterior.   The building was built to 1.5 times...
Beverly Hills, CA
This 12,000 square foot retail center in Beverly Hills had been the site of the first of over 300 auto body paint shop built nationwide the Earl Sheib Corporation.  Recycling the building to a retail center provided a playful opportunity for the site signage.  The architect was Ron Goldman of Goldman, Firth AIA .
Los Angeles, CA
We were the Construction Manager for the construction of this three story museum project that included three levels of subterranean parking.
Westlake Village, CA
This Hyatt Hotel in Westlake Village was originally called the Westlake Plaza Hotel.  The hotel and adjoining office buildings and restaurant were developed and built by us for one of the larger land owners in the area.
Reseda, CA
This three story administration building as well as the tenant improvements was constructed in the middle of a retirement home facility without interruption to the ongoing operations.  The architect was Rochlin, Baran and Balbona.